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Thirsty cock slut Rachel Madori rough anal sex

Rachael Madori is just a sex toy to her master John Steel. She loves the way electro play makes her body jump, leather straps of her bondage constricting her thin wrists. Rachael screams, but in pleasure, not in pain, secretly wishing her master would never leave her unattended again. To show how much she appreciates him, Rachael chokes on his cock like the cum-guzzling whore she is, savoring the scent of his balls on her face. Soon those balls will be slapping her ass, as his thick cock is pounded deep inside her, using her tushy like a fuck-toy fleshlight. Rachael loves ass-to-mouth sex, as it reminds her of what a dirty girl she has become.

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Naughty Office

Rachael Madori has wanted a piece of her boss for quite a long time, but Tony honors the vows he made to his wife. Sadly for him, one of his personnel in the photo editing department owed Rachael a favor and placed him in some unsavory photos of Rachael and him together. Knowing she has the upper hand, he has no choice but to give her the kind of fucking she wants right on his desk.

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